Parenting tips for children, “Problems Solved”

Dear parents and guardians all across the land and sea, you have taken the responsibility of catering and nurturing a special something or someone other then yourself. 

Being a parent is one of the most difficult task a person can accomplish. the mission of being a great parent is well worth any reward known to man. a divine task that many have tried, yet have failed.

In this article i speak on a few key facts that makes parenting much less stressful, overwhelming, and resolving. 

Before we continue, i’d like to welcome all the new parents and soon to be parents to the love and joy of parenthood. No, it will not be a walk in the park, but it is a job well worth any risk which leads to great rewards depending on your commitment and loyalty into raising a child.

Time creates the future

The time and effort you take day in and day out will resort into a fruit of your laboring. for example, if you spoil a child all day and night without any boundaries or guidance you’re most likely setting him/her up for failure.

It takes a lot of work, time and constant reminders to obtain a childs interest. Parenting is a skill that can’t be taught, but can only be advised. When a parent genuially cares for a child, it makes parenting much more fun and exciting.

Being a positive role model for your little one(s) is one of the greatest accomplishments a parent(s) can recieve. 

 You must know that time stops for know one, which also means it is valuably important. So do not waste any time in overthinking, overwhelming, and overdoing yourself as a parent. Become the parent you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Patience takes focus and decipline

Now we all know as parents that our children need a lot of attention. We also know that it takes focus and self dicipline to create proper patience in attending to the constant need of a child. 

Look at it this way, Life is like a cycle of continuous traditions, human beings are the most powerful and gifted species known to man. (Knowledge is Power, Decipline is Fuel, Patience is Key.) Therefore, we are able to overcome, create, and adapt to anything on our green earth.

So i’d like for all parents to keep up the good fight, and most importantly stay focused and deciplined in being patient with your child. A parent who follows these steps never need to worry about failing the best thing thats ever happened to them.

Stay Patient, Stay Focused, Stay Deciplined 

Knowing when to be a friend

As a parent we sometimes get our selves caught up in our rules and regulations that we forget to ask our child for his/her opinion and how they feel. A lot of times children just want to be left alone rather than being told what to do all the time.

Knowing when to be a friend to your kid(s) is more important than most people think. Doesn’t necessary mean jump on video games with them whenever they want you to, or buy them whatever they ask for. A lot of times being a friend simply just means being a good listener.

When our children vent and need to get there story across, it’s of great relief to them knowing and seeing that mom and dad are accually listening. a parent who gives there kid(s) there undivided attention when it is much needed helps to build character and most importantly..TRUST..

Action speaks louder than words

It is no secret that what we do everyday is a stepping stone into who we are meant to become. We have the ability to control the way we act, the way feel, and the way speak towards ourselves/others.

Sometimes words are much more irrelevant when teaching yourself/someone an important lesson. for instance, it is easier for a Parent to manually teach a kid how tie a shoe rather than telling him/her how through explanation with no action.

Through our actions we want to show our kids the most proper and knowlegable way of being a human. The best and brightest way of accomplishing this task is being a positive role model, leading by example, and teach that it is very normal/human to make mistakes.


Use a few of these tips and apply them to your everday routine. Be the best parents we can be for the sake of our childrens future is a priceless gift. Take the time to nurture the fruit(s) of your labor and without question you’ll be rewarded beyond imagining. 

Parents, although it’s easier said than done, we must focus and decipline ourselves into always being patient and composed with our children. Learn how to be a friend as much as a parent.

Love, Action, Time, and Patience are all key factors in being a AWESOME PARENT.