It’s Time For Holloween!! What Are You Gonna Be?

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As we all know Holloween is coming and it’s time to decide what character we are going to be on the day of..

I’m living in Australia now since 2016 and I’ve come to notice that the fun and joys of Holloween isn’t the same as of where i am from. Wish we all can try to keep the Holloween spirit going, with us being whoever we wanna be for one day.

Enjoy time in your costumes with the company of Family and Friends. Holloween is a Day where uptight people can loosin up a bit.

We must not let the thought or company of our demons take complete control of our decisions.

Holloween orginated about 2,000 years ago from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhein. back in those days they believed, by wearing costumes they hold the power to scare off ghostly spirits. Also people would put on Holloween Masks when leaving there home at night to signal that they are a fellow ghost to the ghostly spirits.

Holloween has developed great popularity across the nation over the ages. Time has changed very much from when i was a kid. Every Holloween i try and show my daughter the best expirience of Holloween.

By being a silly holloween costumes character,  carving our own pumpkins, bit of arts&crafts;, and of course the trick or