GShock Wrist Watch…”Keeping Track Of Time”

Product: Casio Men’s G Shock GA710-1A Black Rubber Quartz Sport Watch

G-SHOCK Men’s Year-Round Analog-Digital Automatic Black Watch GA100CF-1A” target=”_blank”>

G-SHOCK Men’s Year-Round Analog-Digital Automatic Black Watch GA100CF-1A” target=”_blank”>Price: $129

  Aloha Everyone, What is the main reason why we sometimes lose track of time? Are you always late to meetings or behind on schedule? We must train ourselves to manage time wisely, to stay with-or-ahead the time of day. 

Orginized time helps us all to stay on track of our daily schedule/ calender. I, personally, dislike being late to

anything, whether it’s school drop offs, job interview, church etc…Whatever the case may be, i find it polite to arrive at the time that was agreed upon.

I truly feel that being on time has it’s values in life as well as being late. We Casio Men’s G Shock GA710-1A Black Rubber Quartz Sport Watch” target=”_blank”>control our time and schedules one day at a time. 

Being late sometimes has it’s benefits depending on what type of situation you’re facing. If you feel that being late is for the greater good of yourself and your peers then who are we to judge you or mention your timing? because again, We are responsible for our own time managment.

Keeping Track Of Time, “We Live, We Grow & We Adapt.”
At the end of the day we find ourselves to be our own time keepers.

So, having a watch or clock is very much needed on a daily basis. Did you know that wrist watches were first invented during the time of our first World War? Only woman wore wrist watches mostly as a fashion type of accessory.

Fashion has obviously evolved quit popular in this day and age. Time has changed that, and having a watch to wear at all times is more than necessary.(Well, atleast for most people)

Set Time G Shock Watch

  Are you the type of person that loves wearing a wrist watch to help keep track of time? Having a wrist watch like this G-Shock displayed on the right makes keeping track of time, day, & date very simple.

below are instruction on how to Adjust the time on your G-Shock 

enter time-setting mode, find the A button at the top left of the
dial and hold it down for a few seconds. On many models, the message
ADJ appears and then changes to 
SET when
you let go of the button.”

Start your day on a wise note. Adjust your day to accomplish any goals you set yourself through out the week. so that by the end of the week you have time to get other things done. or give yourself a little time off.

Let your wrist watch help you keep track of time.

Time Is Of The Essence Definition…

Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend…The two most powerful warriors we face are time and patience. 

Time is money and the wisest counselor of all, a wise man once told me that if you’re early you’re on time, and if you’re on time you’re late. i stuck with this statement for many years and it’s served me very well.

Work ethic becomes more 

Time waits for no one.


I think having a watch makes it much easier to go about your day. sure you may have a clock on your phone or hanging on the wall somewhere, but it just isn’t the same as having a wrist watch. 

If you’re a fancy person who likes fancy things then most likely this watch isn’t for you. But if you’re a steady active person living your best life than i highly recommend gshock. 

Of all the years i’ve wrist watched GShock it has never let me down. 

Time to stay in track of Time

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