Courageous Father Resolution- “Protection, Love and Guidance”

Taking the role of a father isn’t always easy, but if life was easy? we wouldn’t know how to struggle. If we don’t struggle, life is perfect and we don’t make mistakes. If mistakes were impossible to make? then learning or having some sort of knowledge would be nearly impossible.

“Knowledge is Power”, so they say…

Being a Father takes courage, leadership, and consistency. Our children (whom we help create) shall be given weekly lessons on common sense, manners, and prayers.

Growing up in a Christian Home really helped me prepare for a wise and bright future. Coming up in the rough & ghetto streets of Northern California that once brought suffering & sorrow, is behind me. Now that I am a Father, I have a great deal to live for.

A father who genuinely loves his kids and family never fails to try his absolute best. But, a father who is selfish and careless of his family and kids are COWARDS..(Well at least in most cases)

As a father our job is to Protect and Lead our Family to the best of our honest ability.

Dad will keep you safe from…

Have you ever been asked, Dad are we gonna be okay? Your first instinct as a father will always be yes (of course). But are you completely sure? what makes you so sure that you’re willing to do whatever it takes for your loved ones?

The privileges of being a father is very different from the privileges of being a dad. A Father has strict rules and can’t always be trusted to keep the family safe. Yet, with dads, they will do whatever it takes to shield, love, and ensure happiness in the family.

A Dad strives within every bone in his body to bring food to the family table, committed to providing and teaching. Always knows when to have fun.

Dads make dreams come true…or do their best trying.

How to be the best dad in the world


Once you’ve excepted the fact that as a parent, you will not always be their for the rescue. It makes it a little easier to take in bad news. Also, it will be easier for you to execute a wise plan in regard to whatever bad news that was told.

Giving a child whatever he/she needs at every given moment does not make you weak, it makes you trust worthy.

Dads are much more Cooperative and understanding to the joys of being a child and the patience it takes into raising a family. Only the best dads in the world never give into selfishness. Dads are selfless and despise any act of cowardliness.

Definition of the word “Dad” is Dedicated And Driven…

A Father Should Never

A fathers’ role is as important as any king on this entire planet. Never hesitant to do what is necessary to accomplish happiness and family safety.

Fathers are never to let opportunities slip threw their fingers. As for Dads, who tend to let opportunity slip past as if value has a higher price else where. Bond of family is by Loyalty.

I’ve heard over and over that Blood makes you related. But loyalty and love makes you family. Is this true? is this what fathers’ like him/or yourself believe??

Always Stay Ready for the worst possible outcomes

A Father should never let foolishness take any part in raising a family. If their is one fact I know better than any, is that a father should never lose sight of the importance of quality family time.


With all this talk of what takes to be at least a decent Father or role model to your family. A courageous father is a hero, a fearless leader, and most of all…a Provider.

Giving props to all the Fathers out their making certain that all loved ones are properly guided with wisdom, protected with knowledge, and set to find their way towards a bright future. Now let me ask you this, What type of father are you or going to be?